We have covered Evertale on a couple of occasions in the past and believe that it is a really solid game that you should not miss out on. Now, there is even more reason to pick it up if you haven’t already, as the game is available for free right now on Google Play. This free download is part of an event that developer ZigZaGame Inc. is holding to promote the game's upcoming PvP feature.

Evertale Free
Evertale is now free on Google Play!

Normally, Evertale would set you back $1 (Rs 70) if you want to pick it up. Yes, that isn't much, but why pay at all when you can get it for free?

For those not familiar with Evertale, it is basically a proper mobile version of Pokémon. While you will be catching other monsters instead of Pokémon, it's as close as you can get to those classic Pokémon games on NintendoDS.

Evertale Gameplay
It's about as close as you can get to a classic Pokémon game

According to ZigZaGames, the offer will only last until the 10th of October, which means you have about 5 days left to pick it up before it returns to the normal price. Moreover, the developer has also stated that this free period might end even sooner than that due to server issues. As a result, we highly recommend that you download the game right now.

The PvP will not begin until October 8th

While the sale price is already available, players will have to wait until October 8th before they can access the PvP feature. We can speculate that ZigZaGames expected the free offer to attract new players, so it wanted to give them some time to get the hang of the game and develop a competent team.

Evertale Trailer

Evertale includes more than 180 types of monsters to collect, so you can expect tons of variety when it comes to attacks and abilities. Additionally, the game also sports a massive open-world for players to explore. Basically, there’s plenty of content on offer here, which makes the free download all the better.