PUBG Mobile 2.8 is coming very soon. You can download this new version and experience these exciting changes in the gameplay and mechanism of the game now. Let's check out these new features in the classic mode of this battle royale game here.


The popular Assault Rifle (AR) FAMAS has been revamped and moved to the Airdrop. This enhanced version of FAMAS has a better look and power. It's also rarer than before. If you have mastered this gun and want to wield it after update 2.8, you have to participate in the airdrop hunting adventure.

Pubg Mobile Famas
FAMAS will enter the airdrop from PUBG Mobile 2.8. 

#2. AUG

As FAMAS is the new 5.56 airdrop AR, AUG - the current 5.56 AR in the airdrop - must be moved out. Now, fans of this firearm can find it on the map. It's also nerfed a bit to make it balanced. When this weapon becomes more popular, it must be less powerful. Its power is now comparable with M416 - the legendary 5.56 fellow of AUG in PUBG Mobile.

Aug Pubg Mobile
AUG is comparable with M416 now in terms of popularity, power, accuracy, and balance. 


Dagger is a new melee weapon in PUBG Mobile. It spawns on all the maps. This knife comes with a special animation. Moreover, it also has a special buff in the Halloween-themed mode in update 2.8. Therefore, this knife is a must-have weapon in PvE modes like Zombie and Metro Royale modes. It can save your life in close combat and when you run out of ammunition.

Dagger Pubg Mobile
Dagger comes with unique animations. 

#4. ACE32

ACE32 also gets some adjustments in its stats that may affect its popularity. This 7.62 AR was compared with Beryl M762 in terms of power and recoil. Its recoil is lower in update 2.8. This 7.62 assault rifle is more stable and accurate now. Therefore, the pickup rate of ACE32 can be higher from this version.

ACE32 can be preferred when its recoil is reduced. 

#5. Tactical Gunpowder Tool

Tactical Gunpowder Tool is a new attachment to the crossbow in PUBG Mobile. After the bolt hits the target, it triggers a delayed explosion. It increases the damage to the enemy. If you fail to hit the target but the bolt lands very close to him, the explosion still causes some damage to your enemy.

It makes this weapon more useful in this game. The crossbow is an exciting weapon for the final zone combat in Sanhok as it helps players hide their location well. With an accurate hit in close range, you can quickly knock the enemy down. The Tactical Gunpower Tool will make the crossbow more dangerous in this game.

Tactical Gunpowder Tool
Tactical Gunpowder Tool makes the crossbow more dangerous. 

Furthermore, there are some updates in the graphics and parachute screen customization. Now, you can enable a Smart Voice to notify the best time for jumping out of the plane for landing. You also get a new Companion Spectating Button. These updates are expected to improve the gaming experience for players and revive the popularity of this game in the game market.

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