PUBG Mobile 2.9 World of Wonder has many new updates, including exciting minigames and activities. Check out outstanding updates to this creative mode in this Frozen Festival version.

#1. Hide and Seek

The World of Wonder mode features the new transformation skill. It lets PUBG Mobile players transform into items on the map. You can play hide and seek with friends and other players in this game mode. Besides, this addition lets players build amazing creations.

Pubg Mobile 2 9 World Of Wonder
Play Hide and Seek with the new transformation mode in World Of Wonder 2.9.

#2. Snowy Village Template

A new Snowy Village map template was also introduced in World of Wonder for passionate architects in PUBG Mobile. You can build your own Frosty Village in this game. In addition, there are many updates and enhancements for devices, parameter settings, and editing.

Snowy Village is a new 2000 x 2000 empty map. You can build houses and structures, decorate your village with various devices and items, and adjust their sizes to fit the landscape.

Snowy Village
Snowy Village is a new theme to design your map.

#3. New Challenge Templates

There are many new map templates created by players to give PUBG Mobile players more options. Here are some outstanding maps selected for this new update.

  • Shots 'N' Ammo: It's a firearm challenge in a small random area in Erangel. Participants have to go through a cycle of different weapons and defeat the opponent.
  • Battle Isle: You will engage in a fast-paced team combat challenge in an isle resort with villas, swimming pools, stairs, water slides, etc. Take advantage of the terrace and structures on this narrow map to win the game.
  • Zombie Station: This is a PvE gameplay template. You have to take down waves of zombies in the station to rescue hostages.
Snowy Village
Play exciting games in players' outstanding maps.

#4. Editor Enhancements

PUBG Mobile made some improvements in the editing mode, making it more user-friendly and convenient for players. For example, you can team up with your friends to edit creations in the World of Wonder maps.

In addition, editors can assign AI bots to many teams to create a playtest. It allows editors to experience their maps and find out issues if any to fix.

New Features
PUBG Mobile players can experience many improvements in the editing process.

#5. Editing Performance

The performance load was expanded to 20,000, allowing players to place more creations on the map. You can experience lots of improvements during the editing process in the World of Wonder mode of PUBG Mobile 2.9, such as a grid for placement, grouped object editing, area of grid size, etc.

There are lots of updates in the World of Wonder's gameplay devices, buff devices, and supporting mechanics. They will make this creative mode more enjoyable and attractive in this battle royale game. For example, you can spawn enemies and vehicles, and use many other supporting devices to play on your map. Outstanding maps may be added to the next update as a feature of the game.

Exciting Experience
Enjoy amazing experiences in this creative mode.

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