PUBG Mobile 3.2 has gone live today with tons of new features. Let's check out the best tips and tricks to win in the new game modes and the best ways to utilize new weapons for Chicken Dinner below.

#1. Magnetic Gun Tip

You should pick and equip the magnetic gun in the pistol slot because it does not occupy any slot of main weapons. When you aim at an enemy or vehicle, the magnetic gun will pull the target to the designated location. You should have one magnetic gun when playing in the duo or squad mode to slow the push of the enemy squad. Here are the tips to use this gun wisely.

  • Capture and push the enemy into the air with the magnetic gun and let the teammate shoot him down.
  • When you are captured by the magnetic gun, repeatedly tap the Break Free button to escape the magnetic effect.
  • If your car or bike is stuck in a broken wall, you can use this gun to pull it back and reposition it.
  • Pick some rocks on open ground and place them where you want to make a cover for open combat. You can pull and throw a rock at enemies with this gun.

If you know all these uses of the magnetic gun, you can even outperform hackers and get Chicken Dinner.

Magnetic Gun
Magnetic Gun

#2. Jetpack

When you pick a jetpack, it'll be stored in your item inventory, but it can be used as a vehicle. After being equipped, this new gadget can push you into the air and help you move around the map quickly at the maximum speed of 66 km/h.

Check out some tips to use this new equipment below.

  • Activate the rocket jet to increase your height and reach the rooftops of high buildings or the top of high bridges to camp and surprise enemies. Return to the ground to replenish energy for the jetpack.
  • Utilize the pre-equipped Magnetic gun on the right hand of the jetpack to capture and pull enemies. If you pull the enemy and drag him high into the air, you can kill him with fall damage by dropping him on the ground.

Jetpack is not only a vehicle but also a useful weapon if you utilize it effectively.


#3. Personal AED

You must have a personal AED to survive longer in PUBG Mobile 3.2. This new recovery item instantly heals your character after they are knocked down. Tap the H button appearing on the screen when you are knocked, but this button only pops up if you have a Personal AED in your backpack.

Personal Aed
Personal AED

#4. Respawn Beacon

Like Respawn Cards and Respawn Towers that you are familiar with, Respawn Beacon also allows players to recall an eliminated teammate. But this new PUBG Mobile 3.2's respawn gadget is more necessary and safer because you don't take the risk of being ambushed and trapped in fixed Respawn Towers. Here's how to use this gadget.

  • Each player can pick and keep only one Respawn Beacon in their backpack. When your teammates are killed, bring this gadget to a safe place and throw it out. The Beacon will recall all your teammates at once.
  • The flight route can reveal your location to surrounding enemies, so you should recall your teammates near sources of supplies and find a safe corner to ambush and cover them.
Recall Dead Teammates
Respawn Beacon

In addition to these new tactical gadgets and weapons, PUBG Mobile 3.2 also added a Quick Parachute to allow players to jump down from high places safely. It's an essential survival equipment this season. Stay tuned for further updates and tips to play better in PUBG Mobile.

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