Even though PUBG Mobile has several maps with different layouts and environments, the new zombie mode Survive Till Dawn is by far, the most intense experience available in the game. Here, in addition to finding resources to defeat other players while avoiding the ever-shrinking blue circle, you will also have to try not to be devoured by hordes of ravenous zombies. So, here are a few tips to help you win that chicken dinner in this new mode.

1. Know thy enemy

Survive Till Dawn features a few different types of zombies. There are the normal shambling ones that deal melee damage, sprinting zombies that can spit acid, and of course, several bosses from Resident Evil 2 including G (in his first stage) and the Tyrant. While you will get notified when the Tyrant spawns, other types can appear right next to you, even when you’re indoors. It's even worse when night falls, as the zombies will be much more aggressive and you can easily get overwhelmed and killed by a literal army of them.

Pubg Mobiles Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Is No
G (Stage 1) and the Tyrant

To avoid becoming zombie dinner, pay attention to the day-night circle and always try to be in open areas whenever possible. That way, you can keep your distance and have more ways to escape. Keep track of how many bullets you have too because the zombies are pretty tough and can withstand a lot of shots. Furthermore, the loot you get from killing them is usually not worth the effort, so the wiser approach here is to simply run away. But if you think that is boring and want to kill every zombie you encounter, you’ll need to make sure that you’re well-equipped for the task, which brings us to the next point.

2. The best weapons in Survive Till Dawn

In term of weapons, the M134 Minigun and Flamethrower certainly take the spotlight here. Both are incredibly satisfying to use and are great for crowd control. Unfortunately, they are pretty hard to find, spawning less often than other weapons such as shotguns and knives.

Zombie Flamethrower

Speaking of shotguns and knives, they are also super effective at killing zombies as well. If used well, a single combat knife can help you cut through the waves of zombies to escape.  The shotgun, meanwhile, is great at close range. You can one-shot most zombies if you manage to get a headshot in. If you happen to come across either of these in your game, you should definitely hold on to them.

3. The day-night cycle

This feature is crucial in Survive Till Dawn. Not only does it affect the environment, but it also determines the number of zombies that will spawn as well. The undead will spawn more during the night, and they are a lot more aggressive as well. Luckily, nighttime is relatively short, roughly about half as long as daytime. As a result, you’ll want to spend the day to find the best gear possible and stock up on ammo and other consumables to prepare for the night.

Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode
Pay attention to the day-night cycle

4. Teamwork and communication are the keys to success

Teamwork has always been an important part of PUBG Mobile, and that is also true here. It’s always better to have allies in this perilous environment where there are tons of enemies both living and dead to deal with. PUBG Mobile has a quick command system to help you communicate with teammates quicker and more easily, so be sure to use it to its maximum potential. If you play with your friends, you can consider using voice chat for even smoother communication.

5. Make use of the unique items

Zombie Grenade
The zombie grenade - not to be confused with zombie bomb - summons more zombies

Besides some new weapons, the zombie mode also adds a few interesting items to PUBG Mobile such as vaccines, zombie bombs, and zombie grenades. The zombie bomb is useful when you are cornered by these undead as it deals very high damage to them but won’t affect the players. It’s important not to confuse this with the zombie grenade, which actually summons more zombies. This grenade should be used against other players to cause a distraction. The vaccine, meanwhile, is very straightforward. Basically, think of it as a super effective healing item.