Recently, Tencent released the highly-anticipated patch 0.9.0 for its popular mobile battle royale game PUBG Mobile. With Halloween just a short while away, this update includes an event with pumpkins and many spooky kinds of stuff. However, considering the fact that the game is massively popular in India, the developer certainly cannot forget about Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

With that in mind, Tencent has included a "Diwali Dhamaka Offer" in PUBG Mobile. The most interesting addition in this offer is a new outfit, the kurta-pajama. Players can buy it in the in-game shop.

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Diwali Event comes to PUBG Mobile

For many people, the kurta-pajama is certainly the traditional clothing most associated with Diwali. However, seeing your character run around on the battlefield with guns, backpack, and helmet while wearing this outfit is a little bit weird, to say the least. Additionally, it is definitely not cheap in any sense of the word. This outfit will set you back 499 UC (The currency of PUBG), which is about Rs 600. That is almost as much as what a real, physical kurta will cost you. Furthermore, this price already includes a discount of 55%, which will end after November 2.

The kurta-pajama combo is available for grabs on the in-game store. Image: PUBG Mobile
A kurta-pajama is available for purchase in the PUBG Mobile Store

Besides the outfit, there are also three Diwali-related events for players to earn extra perks. In the first event, “Diwali: Stayin’ Alive”, there are four survival challenges. Just like the name implies, to complete these challenges, a player will need to stay alive in Classic Duo matches for a specific period. This period gets progressively longer with each stage, from 15 minutes in stage 1 to 30 minutes in stage 2, to 90 and 200 minutes in stage 3 and 4 respectively.

Meanwhile, the second event by the name of "Diwali: Lonewolf" demands that players finish 1 match while ranking from 5th to 10th place, and 2 matches ranking in the top 1 or 5 in the Classic Solo mode. Achieving this will reward players with crates and coins.

There are three special Diwali events for extra coins and XP points.
New events with various rewards

The last event, “Diwali: Terminator”, gives players 300 coins when they kill 10 other players. This amount will increase to 700 if a player manages to kill 20 enemies. Getting a kill count of 30 enemies will yield a crate, and a soldier’s crate is rewarded to those with 40 kills to their names.

This event will certainly interest Indian fans, who can now enjoy their festival both online and offline.