Erangel 2.0 was just released to PUBG Mobile, giving the most favorite map of PUBG Mobile a completely new look with many changes across the map. Today, we are going to round up all the major adjustments in this map that you should take a look at.

Mylta Power

The Mylta Power is one of the main attractions of Erangel 2.0. There will be a second Nuclear Plan in the location, which has been broken. The number of buildings in the place is increased. These are less open space now as well as more loots.

Pubg Mobile A Tour Of New Erangel 0 9 Screenshot
Mylta Power on Erangel 2.0 got a new badass look

The Mylta Power will become an even hotter drop after this redesign on Erangel 2.0.


Quarry has always the least favorite place on Erangel because it has a rocky terrain, making it harder for players to move around. In Erangel 2.0, the devs have redesigned this area to be more accessible with roads that players can use to travel around.

Pubg Mobile A Tour Of New Erangel 0 15 Screenshot
You can travel in Quarry more easily in Erangel 2.0

The loot quality in Quarry is still low so it is not the best place to start the game. But it won't be as painful as before when the final circle ends up in here.


Rozhok, the water town of PUBG Mobile is a very unique location in PUBG Mobile. It is a town that is half drowning in water. While the loot in this place was decent, not players like to come here because it is very hard to travel from one house to another due to water.

In Erangel 2.0, houses in this place are now closer to each other with paths on the rooftops to move between houses.

Pubg Mobile A Tour Of New Erangel 0 22 Screenshot
You can travel around Rozhok using rooftop paths

Secret Basements

In Erangel 2.0, you can find Secret Basements under houses around the map. These basements are the secrets place of the resistance who took down the authority who owns Erangel. They are under the ground covered with a wooden plate. You need to find these plates and destroy them to enter these basements.

Secret Basements In Erangel 2 0 Where To Find Them
There are secret basements on Erangel 2.0, the place of the resistance on Erangel

Watch the video below to discover all the locations of secret basements on Erangel 2.0.

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