On September 02, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology officially blocked China’s 118 apps which are allegedly developed to gather user data illegally and threaten national security. It worth mentioning that PUBG Mobile - one of the most popular mobile games in India - is involved on this list.

Pabje Pubg Mobile
PABJE is considered an alternative for PUBG Mobile.

Accordingly, the ban may put an end to the PUBG Mobile community with crores of players. That means Tencent’s ambition to turn this battle royale game into the top-world Esports game may be heavily affected.

Right after the Indian government bans on PUBG Mobile, lots of gamers in this country have expressed their deep disappointment. Some suggest that PUBG Corp should cease collaboration with Tencent to hold the rights to the popular game in India. It is a pity that the journey to bring it back seems unfeasible, at least until now.

Pabje Google Play

That’s why many gamers start to move to other gaming projects under the same genre. For example, PABJE or Player and BattleJung Ends - a game developed by Indian developer Dipak Kattikar. However, after there have been over 1 lakh downloads on Google Play, PABJE has got heavily criticized by Indian gamers.


It is shown clearly via a storm of 1 star they rate on the comment box. Even some call PABJE a trash game. Gamers can’t hide their great disappointment when comparing hit PUBG Mobile with an unknown gaming project that is created by a limited team.

Although PABJE still receives some supports, the number of 1 star for this game has overwhelmed that of 5 stars. Of course, PABJE is not the only game gamers can choose as an alternative for PUBG Mobile. The similarity between the names of these two games may be the main reason for gamers to download PABJE and then feel deeply disappointed.

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