Those who love surfing the Internet and use Google Chrome as a default browser must get familiar with a lovely T-Rex in the No Internet game. This little dinosaur will appear whenever there is no Internet connection.

No Internet Game
T-Rex game or No Internet game has got too familiar with users of the Google Chrome browser.

T Rex No Internet Game

With the T-Rex No Internet game, you need to control the T-Rex to run on a desert with lots of cactus bushes, rock, and birds. Your mission is to help this dinosaur move as far as possible, but you should remember that the game will end immediately when the T-Rex touches any obstacle on its way.

Dino Swords
Dino Swords is developed by MSCHF and 100 Thieves.

Back in 2014, the T-Rex No Internet game was first created by Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan Bettes when they were looking for an idea of an endless running game as an Easter. You may not know that the little dinosaur, in fact, is running back to the ‘prehistoric age’ before Wi-Fi is available in every corner. That’s what the creators hinted in this hidden game.

T-rex Weapons
There are 26 various weapons in Dino Swords.

Inspired by the famous T-Rex, two developers including MSCHF and 100 Thieves have recently teamed up to release a special version called Dino Swords. However, unlike the original game on Google Chrome, this new game offers players a variety of weapons.

T Rex New Version

Accordingly, there are up to 26 different weapons such as a hammer, emoji, saw, tank, gun, sword, and more. You need to click on the corresponding buttons on the keyboard to use these kinds of weapons. Of course, each weapon has its own characteristics and advantages. Some help you overcome obstacles or run faster or open the teleport, while others may be used for decoration.

The producers also revealed that they place lots of easter eggs in this game in a bid to bring lots of interesting experiences to players. Additionally, the top leading gamers must earn some noble honors and prizes.

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