According to SUUMO (Japan), Toya, a 42-year-old married man had his first gaming cabinet installed 10 years ago but until 2016, he started collecting similar products. Accordingly, his house must be enlarged to have enough space for these gaming cabinets.

Arcade Game
His house looks like an arcade game store.

It’s not difficult to guess how much he has spent on the gaming cabinets; however, it means nothing to a man with a powerful passion. Toya said that he used to win the SEGA games in 1987. It is obvious that his passion for games has lasted for many years and kept growing up over time.

Game Machine

Gaming Cabinets
The shipment fee for two gaming cabinets reached Rs10.6 lakh.

Toya further said that he took part in some online auctions on the Internet. But he just later knew that the sender was in New York City, US at that time. And then, the gaming cabinet was transported across the continent to the West coast, before to Japan. That’s why the shipment fee for the two gaming cabinets reached up to 1.5M Japanese Yen (equivalent to Rs10.6 lakh).

Gaming Cabinet Toya


Japanese Man Game

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Depending on the rarity and the characteristics of games, the price of gaming cabinets can reach up to 1 million JP Yen (about Rs7 lakh) for each. Additionally, the owner can even pay an additional amount to redecorate it before it can actually work as normal. Toya also bought a money changer machine, as well as an auto vending machine that provides cup noodles and beverages. Japan Gaming

Passion Game

Toya said he even didn’t want to check how much he has invested in his passion.

Passion Game

Toya Japan

While there are lots of mixed opinions whether we should collect gaming cabinets or not, it’s easy to find out many people in Japan who are collecting gaming cabinets similar to Toya via hashtag #自宅ゲー.

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