A few days ago, bad news has come to the PUBG Mobile community in India as the government list PUBG Mobile in the second ban of Chinese apps. PUBG Mobile is now officially removed from the Google Play Store and fans are upset.

However, no one can expect that the ban can potentially cause the death of a 21-year-old IT student named Pritam Halder in West Bengal''s Nadia district. Pritam Halder's body was found hanging on the ceiling by his family on Friday morning. His mother, Ratna, was trying to call him for lunch but his room was locked from the inside.

Pubg Mobile Ban In India
PUBG Mobile was banned In India a few days ago by the government

She tried to call him and bang the door repeatedly but there was no response. She then called neighbors for help to break the door and what they saw was him hanging on the ceiling fan.

"When I went to call him for lunch, his room was locked from inside. After repeated bangings when he did not open the door, I called the neighbours. They broke into the room and found him hanging from the ceiling fan," the mother said.

The mother was convinced that the reason why his suicide was because of the recent PUBG Mobile ban which stopped him from playing the game.

"He would play it at night. I think he died by suicide as he was not being able to play PUBG," she said.

The young man is said to be playing PUBG Mobile every day

The police also had a conversation with his family members and they were all thinking the same. Pritam Halder's father is a retired Armyman and his mother is a homemaker.

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