PUBG Mobile has three types of muzzles for assault rifles and sniper guns, including compensator, suppressor, and flash hider. In the upcoming update, there will be another muzzle added to this game. This attachment is called ‘barrel extender’ which is very useful to reduce damage drop in distance. Check it out here.

PUBG Mobile To Introduce Barrel Extender In The Next Update

In PUBG Mobile, the damage will drops when you shoot at a long distance. So, players need more accurate bullets to knock or kill an enemy in long-range combat. To help players reduce the damage drops for ARs and sniper guns in this game, the developers add a new muzzle. It’s the barrel extender which will come to this game in the upcoming update 0.19.0.

Pubg Mobile Barrel Extender
PUBG Mobile Will Add The Barrel Extender

You can only attach this muzzle to assault rifles or sniper guns in PUBG Mobile. It’s because shotguns and SMGs are not weapons for long-range combat. But you can use ARs for long-range combat. But you also notice that you cannot knock down an enemy when shooting at him with distance although it feels like you shoot accurately. It’s because the bullet damage drops significantly at distance.

Long Range Combat
It helps reduce the damage drop with distance

The longer the distance of bullets is, the less damage it causes. That’s why ARs are not preferred in long-range fights. To help players reduce the damage drops due to distance, PUBG Mobile developers add the barrel extender. With this amazing attachment, the damage with distance rarely drops. It’s a perfect muzzle for medium and long-range combat.

Spray Bullets M416
You can spray bullets with a 6x scope on your M416 and knock down the enemy from a distance

With the coming of this new muzzle, the gameplay and gaming experience of PUBG Mobile players will change a bit. Then, you can spray bullets with a 6x scope on your M416 and knock down the enemy from a distance. Players will have more options in choosing the muzzle attachment for their ARs and sniper guns.