Erangel 2.0, a remastered version of the classic PUBG map Erangel, was revealed by the developers quite some time ago. A new teaser for this map has just been unveiled, showing some of the new locations that are going to be added to the map.

All the old locations are more or less intact, however, the general geographical properties of the island changed. It would not even be an island anymore, as the landmass would continue beyond the border of the map. There would be a river running through the center, which further enables the use of water vehicles and bridge camping.

According to the leaks, Erangel 2.0 will be released for the beta servers in China first, with a global release available much later. Based on the video teaser, the biggest addition we might get in the new update is the class system, similar to Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. As both games are developed by Tencent, they have been picking out various features from each other.

Erangel 2 0
The map of the new version of Erangel

Apparently, as you picked a class, a new special ability would be unlocked. For example, the Ninja class would get access to a grappling hook that can let players relocate more easily. The preferred target should be higher grounds such as a roof or balconies.

Erangel New Map Update
Prison remastered

Besides that, various new features would also be added in that same patch, including the throw feature for melee weapons. This is yet another option so that players could squeeze out some extra damage for the cost of an otherwise useless weapon. This feature is already available in the PC version but it is currently still on the works in Mobile.

PUBG Mobile’s 2 nd anniversary is almost here, with the global version getting the 0.17.0 update. The Erangel 2.0 update, however, is part of the 0.17.5 patch. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile related articles? Please check out this post for a complete guide of the Miramar Map.