PUBG Corporation has officially announced the exclusive version of its classic Battle Royale game for the Indian market. Finally, PUBG Mobile fans in India can rejoice after almost two months of waiting eagerly. However, the company did not reveal any information regarding the exact release date of the game itself in the press conference.

Pubg Mobile India
We still have no information on when PUBG Mobile India is released

Since then, Indian gamers have been jumping on their feet, wondering when will PUBG Mobile actually hit the app store once again. Prior to this announcement, we only know about the report of an advertisement that seems to be for the comeback of PUBG Mobile. That's why when any information or speculations get out, the whole community just goes rampage!

Viral Discord Message Claims PUBG Mobile Indian Version Trailer and Download Link May Come Out Simultaneously

A user by the name of MantrijiGaming shared his thought via a Discord message, which has now gone viral. In the message, he speculated that the trailer of the Indian version may not feature a release date. But instead, players will have access to a "Download Now!" notice. Also, the user takes his time to explain the sequence of steps that the release may follow. You can read the message yourself here:

Pubg India Release Leak 1
Viral Discord message by MantrijiGaming

This information may or may not be correct. Without the official confirmation from PUBG Corporation, it's merely a claim. However, as expected, the message still worked up a storm in the PUBG Mobile community. Users have shared it across social media platforms. Here's a look at how the game's fans on Twitter react to the message:

Pubg India Release Leak 7

Pubg India Release Leak 6

Pubg India Release Leak 5

Pubg India Release Leak 4

Pubg India Release Leak 3

Pubg India Release Leak 2

PUBG Mobile India Teaser

Being a teaser, but it still quicks very little information about the release of PUBG Mobile India. It only shows a "coming soon" message. Apart from this, PUBG Corporation also launches a new website exclusively for India. You can check out the teaser yourself here: