Guns are the most important part of every shooter... and PUBG Mobile is not an exception. However, unlike the usual shooters, guns in PUBG Mobile does not come in completed form. More often than not, you would be able to gather attachments from the map and equip them onto your weapon to increase its power.

pubg mobile attachments guide
There are a lot of weapons in PUBG Mobile... and a lot of them can be improved with attachments

In this PUBG Attachment Guide, we would list out all the weapon attachments in the game, their stats and various tips & tricks on using them.

1 - What are PUBG Mobile Attachments?

There are five types of weapon attachments in PUBG Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Muffle the sound of bullet fire, reduce weapon recoil and hide muzzle flashes when firing.
  • Grip: Reduce the horizontal and vertical recoil of weapons.

pubg mobile attachments guide

  • Stock: Stabilize the weapon and reduce reload time
  • Sight/Scope: Aim Assist - the most important attachment in PUBG Mobile.
  • Magazine: Increase magazine size and lower reload time.

2 - Why are they needed?

A lot of guns in PUBG Mobile need attachments to work. For example, the SMG Vector has a super small magazine size and runs out of ammo very often - without an extended magazine equipped, you would not be able to spam it like the usual SMG. The Sniper Rifles need decent scopes to work... while the AK needs a grip and stock for recoil reduction and stability.

pubg mobile attachments guide

3 - Detailed guide for each Attachment


Muzzles are important on long-range weapons - it would somewhat hide the direction your attack comes from so that the targets would not be able to fire back or get into cover effectively. This attachment is needed on powerful weapons with a high range like the Sniper Rifles, DMRs, and a few ARs.

pubg mobile attachments guide
PUBG Mobile Gun Attachment Guide: All available muzzle types in the game

Overall, the compensators are the best - they provide the highest value of recoil reduction, both vertical and horizontal. The other two are more about effects than weapon stats - the flash hider would remove muzzle flashes while the suppressor would dampen the sound.

Shotgun muzzles are special - they tighten up the spread so that each shot would deal more damage.


Scopes are pretty important in PUBG Mobile - due to the fact that it is a shooter without the Keyboard & Mouse system like the PC version. You pretty much can't fire your guns accurately without scoping in - this is why these attachments are the most important items in the game... sometimes even more than a gun.

A good scope with magnification would help you scout the area as well. Holographic and Red Dot are just normal sights - they don't have any zoom features.

pubg mobile attachments guide
PUBG Mobile attachment guide: All available scopes in the game


Grips would reduce weapon recoil and improve their stability - this would work in both full auto and single fire mode. This is why a grip is essential for any weapon with high recoil. You can find up to 5 different grips in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile attachments guide
PUBG Gun Attachment guide: All available grips in the game

The above grips are all slightly different from each other. The thumb grip is probably the best one, as it lets you open your scope faster. Furthermore, it also reduces the weapon's vertical recoil like the Vertical Foregrip. The Light Grip and Half Grip would improve weapon stability while the Angled Foregrip would reduce horizontal recoil.


Magazines are optional for your gun's performance - usually, you would reload before the whole thing runs out. However, the quickdraw magazine is really useful, as it increases the reload speed of the gun.

PUBG Mobile attachments guide
PUBG Mobile Weapon attachment guide: All available extended magazines in the game

Usually, a gun with a low magazine size would use an extended mag whole while the rest use either quickdraw or extended quickdraw magazines.


Stocks are back rail mods that not many weapons are compatible with. It heavily reduces the recoil of equipped weapons, along with the general stability and reload time. The tactical stock can only be equipped on the Vector and the M416, however.

PUBG Mobile attachments guide
PUBG attachment guide: All available stocks in the game

The bullet loop is pretty useful on the Kar98k and the Win94. With it equipped, you would be able to fire the Kar98k much faster than normal with its reduced reload time. The Cheek Pad is best equipped on DMR and Sniper Rifles to improve stability and reduce recoil.

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