PUBG Mobile 1.1 has gone live on global servers about a week back, introducing the new Metro Royale Mode, as well as bringing in several adjustments, themed gameplay, and other new features. However, the center of attention revolves around the Lightweight Installation Function and Server Change Restriction.

Pubg Dev Log Ss16 5
A new season has come to PUBG Mobile

Just a few days ago, the developers of PUBG Mobile released a "Dev Log" on their YouTube channel, explaining the details of the features mentioned above.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update Season 16 Dev Log Recap

Restriction on Changing Server at Will

Starting from Season 16, PUBG Mobile will limit players from switching the servers at will. It's one of the most significant changes in the new update. The Switch Server function has been relocated to the System Settings screen, and once you make your change of the sever, you'll have to wait 60 days before it's available again.

As the season started yesterday, players must make up their mind on which server they wish to play in for the season. Those who fail to verify their regions will be placed in that of the previous season. If you want to team up with players from different servers, then the whole squad will play in the server of the lobby host. Also, all points, tiers, and leaderboard rankings can only be earned in the selected region.

Pubg Dev Log Ss16 2
You must pick your region in Season 16

Lightweight Installation Function

Another highlight of the 1.1 update was the Lightweight Installation Function.  It has enabled users to better control the size of PUBG Mobile, which had been a significant concern of many players. Now, the game’s file has been reduced to 610 MB on the Google Play Store.

Pubg Dev Log Ss16 1
Download certain packs and win rewards

From Season 16, players can download/delete the required resource packs from the "Download" table in the settings menu. Moreover, there's also a smart delete feature that recommends to users which resources they can delete. Downloading specific packs will even reward the players.

Pubg Dev Log Ss16 4
PUBg Mobile also released the new Royale Pass

For more information on the Lightweight Installation Function, check out the video down below