Since last week, the PUBG Mobile community in India has been taken by storm after PUBG Corp spilled a bean on the return of PUBG Mobile in the country. Used to be the most trendy and popular game of the youths, PUBG Mobile, however, had a hard time when the Indian Government put a ban on it for being a Chinese app.

While the game is all set to make a comeback to the country with a localized version that has nothing to do with China company Tencent Games, it seems like PUBG Mobile fans still have to bide their time as the game has yet to be approved by Indian Government. Check out the details in the article below!

Pubg Mobile Indian Version
PUBG Mobile is about to comeback to India but how long will we have to wait when the government has yet to give a lift up on the ban

Indian Government has yet to make way for PUBG Mobile

Earlier, the speculation did the rounds that PUBG Mobile India might be launched around Diwali time in India. However, it is likely that the game developer cannot manage to turn it into reality on account of the legality issues.

In September 2020, the Information Technology Act banned PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite along with more than 100 apps for being products of Chinese companies and organizations. It resulted from the fear of a cyber attack from China given the fact that the India-China border tension showed no sign of deceleration.

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Pubg Mobile India

PUBG Corp to invest $100 Million in India

According to some trusted sources, at the moment, the Government remains disconcerted by the earlier decision and will not change or not lift the ban on PUBG Mobile until the owner PUBG Corp address the concern. However, the government has yet to check out the new version of the app so it will take a longer time for it to go through all of the legal processes.

Meanwhile, PUBG Corp and Krafton, another subsidiary of Korean software company Bluehold, have invested more than $100 Million dollars on the PUBG Mobile Indian version. They also set up an office in the country and are calling up experienced developers and programmers for promising vacancies.

Pubg Mobile 2
Scout and 8bit_thug to shout out for the return of PUBG Mobile in India

Despite the news that the Indian Government has yet to give a nod for the return of PUBG Mobile, many players including pro players like MortaL, 8bit_thug, or Scout express an optimistic attitude towards the case. Some famous players also claim that the game will be made available on the app store on November 20th. Amid a lot of confusing information, we can only wait for the official announcement from the game owner. Hoping that PUBG Mobile will soon come back and be stronger than ever.

Stay tuned with us for more update about PUBG Mobile India: Pro Players MortaL, 8Bit_Thug And Scout To Welcome The Return Of PUBG Mobile In India