For the past few years, Indian has witnessed a sharp growth in the gaming industry, especially the mobile gaming section with the domination of famous titles like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, or Call of Duty: Mobile. Used to be the top viral in the Indian gaming industry, PUBG Mobile, however, has lost the top position into the hands of Garena Free Fire after the PUBG ban notice in India took effect last September.

Despite the effort of bringing PUBG Mobile back to the country, two months after the ban, PUBG Corp has officially shut down the game servers in India making the game unable to access players in the country. While many players decided to go along with alternatives like Free Fire or COD: Mobile, the others chose a different way to avoid the ban: to move on with PUBG Mobile Korean and Vietnamese versions.

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Where do PUBG Mobile players go after the server shutdown?

As you know, apart from the global version, PUBG Mobile also has many localized versions in Korean, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Although there are some special changes in these versions, major features remain the same that new players find no difficulty in getting acquainted with it.

In fact, many Indian PUBG Mobile players rushed into Korean and Vietnamese versions of the game while waiting for it to come back to the country. Meanwhile, popular streamers are also spotted going live-stream via new servers.

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Many players have flocked into localized versions of the game after the global version of PUBG Mobile is blocked
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There are also many people who remain skeptical about the legacy of using the Korean or Vietnamese version in India

This trick seems to be possible both legally and technically as these localized versions of the game have no relation to Chinese game publisher Tencent Games. While the publishing license of the Korean version belongs to PUBG Corp itself, the Vietnamese version of the game is brought out by the local game publisher VNG. However, to download other versions of the game, you will need to do a few more steps right below!

How to download PUBG Mobile Korean and Vietnamese versions?

Obviously, you cannot find the localized versions of the game on the Google Play Store. However, it’s not that hard to find and download the game from other sources. To download PUBG Mobile Korean or Vietnamese versions, you need to install the app Tap Tap - a free mobile video game app store with an APK file. After installing the app, you need to search for PUBG Mobile Kr or PUBG Mobile VN and download the app into your phone.

However, please note that you can only install the Tap Tap app on Android devices. It means that it’s impossible for iPhone users to get access to the localized version of PUBG Mobile at the moment. In addition to that, your account in the global version won't be bound to the new one so you will need to create a new account and start every from scratch!

Find out more details about how to install the app right here: PUBG Mobile Korean Version Tap Tap Download - Play PUBG Mobile In India After Ban