After the speculation that PUBG Mobile is returning in India doing the rounds for a while, recently the game owner PUBG Corp made it official that the company is all set to bring it back to India soon. The breaking news has taken the whole Indian gaming community including pro players by storm. Want to know how PUBG Mobile fans and pros like MortaL or Scout react to this news? Keep scrolling down for details.

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Being considered a Chinese game, PUBG Mobile has been banned in India since early September amid the border tension between India and our neighboring country. In fact, the game belongs to the Korean software developer PUBG Corp which granted the publishing right of the game to China-based company Tencent Games. Right after the ban of PUBG Mobile, the game owner promptly took action to make the game available again. In fact, it doesn’t let Indian fans down as after more than two months of waiting, PUBG Mobile is able to release a localized version of PUBG Mobile India, making the game legitimate to play in the country.

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It is needless to say that PUBG Mobile fans in India have been waiting for the day for so long that everyone is awn by the news. Immediately, the #IndiaWelcomesPUBGMobile became viral on Twitter with thousands of users including pros like MortaL to come on board.

The first pro player to spread the good news is 8Bit_thug. He just left a short message ‘It’s coming back’ and a hashtag but has hit nearly 5 thousand likes. Among people who retweet his post are other popular PUBG Mobile players and streamers like MortaL and Scout. There is no doubt that this is the greatest news to come to the Indian gaming community ahead of Diwali.

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In the comment sections, apart from players who express their excitement on the returns of PUBG Mobile are also many comments which suggest pro players to keep playing other games, not just PUBG Mobile so they can reach out and entertain different type of players. In fact, MortaL or Scout have been spotted playing games like Valiant, Fall Guys, or COD Mobile after their fav game PUBG Mobile is banned in India.

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