The ban on PUBG Mobile in September had quite an impact on the Indian mobile gaming community. As one of the most played titles removed from the country, its once-thriving competitive and eSports scene also vanished.

pubg mobile return
The wait is over, PUBG Mobile is coming back to India

PUBG Mobile was among the 118 Chinese made apps that were banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under Section 69A. Ever since the ban, fans of the world's classic BR title have been on their feet, waiting for the return.

PUBG Corporation Announces PUBG Mobile Returns to India, Special Version Underway

It's official! PUBG Corporation announced that it is preparing for the re-introduction of PUBG Mobile in India. The game will come in a special version. The news floods PUBG Mobile's social media channels. On top of that, the company also revealed its plan to create Indian subsidiarity and hire over 100 employees.

Krafton Microsoft Azure Pubg Pubg Mobile
Krafton also worked with Microsoft's Azure for this return of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Corp. is well aware that the privacy and security of Indian players should be its top priority. The company plans to conduct regular audits and verifications over the server that holds the personal information of Indian users. Plus, it's willing to reinforce security and data management.

Krafton Pubg 1024x640
PUBG Mobile has revoked the publishing of Tencent Games

Regarding the special version of PUBG Mobile, various aspects will be customized to fit Indian gamers. For example, the game now sets in a virtual simulation training ground and green hit effects when you're landing a shot. More importantly, the company also implements a restriction feature that aims at promoting healthy gameplay habits for younger players.

Pubg Return
The game will return with a special version

Through the establishment of a branch office in India, PUBG Corp wants to employ at least 100 locals specializing in game development, business, and eSports. The Indian region will receive $100 million worth of investment in partnership with its parent company, Krafton.