PUBG Mobile is officially coming back to India and that not all. The upcoming PUBG Mobile India version is going to be a unique version with several changes that will address the privacy problems and make the game more suitable for Indian.

Pubg Mobile India 1
PUBG Mobile is coming back to India soon

Here are the top 5 differences between the PUBG Mobile Indian version and the PUBG Mobile global version.

New privacy policy

The initial problem that caused PUBG Mobile to be banned in India. They are going to fix this problem in the new version by conducting regular audits and verifications on the storage systems to make sure that the information of players is safe.

Virtual Simulation Training Ground

PUBG Mobile Indian version will have a new theme. Instead of a battleground on an abandoned island, PUBG Mobile Indian is going to be a 'Virtual Simulation Training Ground'.

PUBG Mobile will be a Virtual Simulation Training Ground instead of a battle

Green Hit Effects

Since the game is a Virtual Simulation Training Ground, there will be no blood on hit. Instead, there will be a splash green effect when you hit a player, making them more family-friendly.

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New Characters Will Start Fully Clothed

When you first started playing PUBG Mobile, you get to choose how your character looks like while your character is half-naked on the screen. In the new version, your character will be fully clothed to be more suitable for younger players.

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Restriction of Play Time for Younger Audiences

To promote healthy gaming, players who are under 18 will have a restricted playtime in a day so they focus more on other things in their life such as studying.

Image 2 Gameplay Management System Pubg 0d2e
To promote healthy gaming, players who are under 18 will have a restricted playtime in a day

All in all, PUBG Mobile is basically still the same as before. It will still be the same game where you run across Erangel to get a Chicken Dinner.

There is no exact date for the release yet but PUBG Mobile has returned to Google Play Store and you can now Pre-register it. It is expected that it will come back before the end of this year. Once the game is back, we can expect that there will be a huge event with many rewards for players so make sure you don't miss it.

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