It was just last month that a DDoS PUBG Mobile attack has taken the gaming community by storm and caused the system to be suspended for a while. Obviously, this was not the first time that the game encountered a serious system error due to a DDoS attack. In fact, apart from PUBG Mobile, many other games are also coping up with the same kind of attack which prevents legit players from accessing the game. So what is DDoS PUBG Mobile and what is the consequence of it? Is there any way to prevent DDoS attacks as a player? Keep reading to find out!

Ddos Pubg Mobile
The DDoS attack is one of the most common cyber-attacks which target many games like PUBG Mobile

What is a DDoS attack

DDoS (also known as Distributed Denial of Service) has been one of the most common types of cyber-attack over the past few years. To take down a network, hackers will create a huge amount of unverified traffic from different sources to make the system overloaded. At that time, the system will be unable to process legit accesses from real players.

While a system is encountering a DDoS attack, you will find it unable to log in or get disconnected to the server which is really frustrating especially if you're in the middle of a match.

In fact, DDoS is considered hacktivism or an act of revenge which causes the system down for hours up to days depends on the kind of attack the server can take.

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The case of DDoS PUBG Mobile

Earlier in October 2020, the global servers of PUBG Mobile had encountered a massive DDoS attack which caused the system to be out of order in more than 1 hour. Many players trying to get access to the system received a message of ‘Server Authentication Error’. Fortunately, the PUBG Mobile maintenance team promptly figured out the problem and resolved it.

According to the official announcement of PUBG Mobile on the case, apart from sorting out the problem, the team is also working on an updated solution to prevent the same situation in the future. Once the new anti-cheat system is available, it will help to strongly protect the game servers and make it more challenging for hackers to crack down the system.

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For a long time, hack and cheat acts has been a sizzling problem for PUBG Mobile developers. While there are millions of players who are banned from the game for cheating, the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile has been frequently updated. The game owner also made it clear that they told zero tolerance to cheater and hackers. That can be explained why many hackers who were blocked from the game keep trying to take down the system on vengeance and DDoS PUBG Mobile case last October is only one of many hack cases that the game has been coping up with for years.

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Is DDoS PUBG Mobile attack harmful?

Amid the serious cyber-attack, the fear of losing game accounts and data has been spreading across the PUBG Mobile gaming community. So can your account be affected by a DDoS PUBG Mobile attack? Let’s find out!

In fact, DDoS attacks are likely to be harmful to the server owner only. It means that the game owner is the one who suffers the most from the system suspension.  It is obvious that any attack which causes the system down will negatively affect the business of the app owners. But as users are more concerned about the safety of their account, fortunately, cyber attacks like DDoS PUBG Mobile attack don't do a harm to user's information. In fact, there isn't any case of users losing their account or any items, coins in-game after the attack.

About PUBG Mobile

being released in 2017, PUBG Mobile, which is the mobile version of the famous battle royale game PUBG has been taking over the world with more and more players coming from every corner of the world. The game is said to be one of the most popular games and the genre and the top highest grossing games in 2020.

Having more than 5 crore active users, PUBG Mobile used to be the most popular game in India. However, due to the tension between India and China, the game has been baned in Indian since September 2020. While the PUBG Mobile owner PUBG Corp has decided to terminate the publishing right of Tencent Games in India, the future of PUBG Mobile has yet to be cleared as the is no official announcement on the return of PUBG Mobile in India yet.

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