The PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update has hit the Global servers, bringing the games many improvements so players can have a better battle royale experience. Here, we are going to show you the 5 most important changes in this update.

1. Metro Royale Mode

The Metro Royale Mode is probably the best event mode that has ever appeared in PUBG Mobile. Players will get to experience a story and explore a whole new Erangel in an apocalyptic setting.

There will be new threats from Metro Exodus and of course new weapons too, which you can buy from the Black Market. There is also a while underground world for players to explore new secrets.

Pubg Mobile Metro Exodus

There is a total of 3 maps in this mode, but there is one map unlocked at the start. Players need to level up their Metro Royale Level to unlock the other two maps.

2. Frag grenade animation

The second notable change in this update is the new grenade animation. The explosion of a Grenade will have more spark and articles to make it look more realistic, unlike before.

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The explosion of Grenades will look more realistic

3. New Anti-cheat feature

This is great news for people who play Rank matches. It is indeed very frustrating to meet a hacker when you are trying to push your rank up, especially in high tier such as Conqueror.

Last week, PUBG Mobile banned almost 2 million accounts for cheating. While there are only 1% cheaters in Conqueror, there is still a big number in Ace, Crow, Diamond.

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PUBG Mobile banned almost 2 million accounts for cheating

4. New gyroscope sensitivity settings

Gyroscope is a great tool to control your recoil once you get used to it and with this update, they increased the maximum limit of gyroscope sensitivity to 400, making it easier to use give players more options.

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The maximum limit of Gyroscope has been adjusted to 400

5. Vehicle control customization

Normally, you can only customize the control of your character, but now you can also customize the control of your vehicle as well.

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You can now customize the control of your vehicle

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