PUBG Mobile's collaboration with Metro Exodus is going to give players a brand new mode called Metro Royale Mode. There will be tons of new features in this new game mode with an underground map, zombies, monsters, and more. You can expect that will be the best mode that was ever created in PUBG Mobile.

The Metro Royale Mode will be released tomorrow, November 10, you need to be ready today before jumping into the battlefield. Here are the top 5 most important things you need to know about the Metro Royale Mode.

1. Metro Exodus Story

The story is set on Erangel when a sudden burst of shock wave knocks you out and turn buildings into rubbles. You have a pistol in your hand and you can only choose one of out 4 items to carry along, an AKM with 10 bullets, a backpack, a Level 1 armor, or a First Aid Kit. The world is full of monsters and all the cities have become ruins.

Pubg Mobile Exodus 1

As you continue with the story, you will be presented with different choices in order to survive and reach the endings.  You can play the story now yourself on the official website of PUBG Mobile.

2.Tikhar Rifle

Tikhar Rifle is the iconic weapon of Metro Exodus so of course, it will appear in this mode. It is an automatic sniper rifle that shot Steel Ball. It can deal 30% more damage when the air pressure is filled up. Players need to replenish the air pressure manually.

Metro Royale Tikhar Rifle

You can buy this weapon from the Black Market and equip it with different attachments to make it more stable.

3. All-new Mutant: Watchmen and Librarian

These 2 classic Mutants, Watchmen and Librarian, will be big threats in your adventure in Metro Royale.

Metro Royale Pubg Mobile

Watchmen are small monsters that often go together. They will summon their packs once they spot you so you need to kill them before that happen.

Metro Royale Pubg Mobile 1

Librarians are big monsters with high attack and high health. However, they will not attack you if you are facing them. To escape from them, keep facing them and slowly moving backward until they leave.

DO NOT turn around and run!!

4. New Environments

The shockwave has changed Erangel significantly with many cities and towns destroyed. People are mainly divided into two gangs: The Cobras and the Steel Front. They had many conflicts over the resources on the surface, but they agreed to a ceasefire and are now in cahoots with one another to steal resources from other people.

Pubg Mobile Exodus

5. The Underground Battlefield

Erangel will have a whole new underground system. You can find loots and enemies down here. There isn't much light here, so the night vision equipment is a must. You can destroy lights in a certain place and it will turn pitch dark. But when you fire your weapon, the flash from your bullet will reveal your location so be careful.

Molotov can also be used as a source of light while damaging enemies at the same time.

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