The PUBG Mobile ban by the Indian government on September 2 has left the whole community in shock.

Since India is one of the biggest markets of PUBG Mobile, they have been trying every possible way to bring the game back. PUBG Mobile has cut ties with Tencent and now all PUBG Mobile servers of Tencent in India have been shut down.

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PUBG Mobile was banned in India on September 2

PUBG Mobile also has been actively trying to find a new partner and recruit people in India, giving hope to players that the game might come back.

So far, there has been no official announcement from PUBG Mobile that the game will come back to India.

However, there are words around the community that the game will be coming back around Diwali. It seems that the developer has been tipped to relaunch the game to popular influencers in India first.

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PUBG Mobile is coming back to India around Diwali

Yesterday, both pro PUBG Mobile players around the community teased on their social media about some big announcements. And just as we predicted, they were talking about the return of PUBG Mobile this Diwali. Kroten has even made a whole video to talk about it.

Kroten reveals that the game will be returning to India around Diwali, but there is no exact date yet. Everyone will get their old account back with all their items, UC, gold,... since PUBG Corp has finished getting all the data from Tencent. We will be expecting an official in the next week or so.

Ghatak and others also confirm the same thing on their social media.

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