PUBG Mobile was once the leading esports title in India with millions of players, strong esports teams. But after the sudden ban of the Indian government in September. PUBG Mobile was banned along with 177 other Chinese apps, putting the PUBG Mobile community in a bad place.

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PUBG Mobile was banned in India ever since the beginning of September this year

PUBG Mobile then cut ties with Tencent and started to look for partners in India, making many people speculate that PUBG Mobile might return to India. PUBG Mobile also is recruiting Corporate Development Division Manager - India on LinkedIn.

At the moment, Tencent has completely closed all of its PUBG Mobile servers in India. Many players flocked to other PUBG Mobile servers in the Asia region such as Vietnam servers or Koran servers to keep playing the game.

Mysterious announcements from PUBG Mobile Players And Casters

Till now, PUBG Mobile players in India are still hoping for the return of their favorite game. Their belief is now strengthened as many PUBG Mobile influencers in India hint at something big at the same time on their social media.

First, we have Ghatak and Krotent talk about a big announcement that will be revealed today or around Diwali.

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The famous PUBG Mobile Youtuber and caster Ocean Sharma, also got something big to say on his Instagram.

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420op, a PUBG Mobile pro from Team Xspark dropped a hint on his Instagram.

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These are just hints and we can't be sure that PUBG Mobile will be returning to India since there has been no official announcement. However, we know that PUBG Mobile has been working to bring the game back to India and this could be it.

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