The story of PUBG Mobile in India is just like riding a roller coaster. Used to be the most popular games in India, PUBG Mobile, however, went through a lot of hardship for the past few months after being banned in the country for having a connection to a China company. Fortunately, PUBG Mobile fans in India didn’t have to wait for long for the rise of it as the game owner PUBG Corp has been teasing the return of it in the near future. While the game is said to have a localized version called PUBG Mobile India, many players have been on all the range to register for the app download.

Pubg Mobile India
PUBG Mobile is all set to come back to India after being banned from the country for a few months

Being one of the most popular platforms for gamers to download all of their favorite games, TapTap is the first place that Indian PUBG Mobile thinks of when finding the upcoming version of the game. Only a few days after the news of PUBG Mobile coming back to India broke over the internet, the Chinese app store received a whopping 2,6 lakh registrations and counting. In addition to that, the app receives an average of 9,8/10 ratings from more than 1 lakh users on the platform.

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Pubg Mobile India Download

There is no doubt that the game has created a stir among the Indian gaming community. However, while a great number of users put their trust in TapTap, many others remain skeptical about the authenticity of this App Store. According to them, as PUBG Mobile is an acclaimed app, the app release should be announced on verified and official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In addition to that, as of the moment, PUBG mobile owner PUBG Corp has yet to make an announcement on the details of the app launch including the date and time and how to download PUBG Mobile India.

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Some players warn others about the trust of this app platform TapTap

At the moment, the company has yet to respond about the PUBG Mobile India TapTap registrations. However, when it appears to be an unworthy and unverified source, please do not get involved to avoid any potential risk in cyberspace.

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