PUBG Mobile is likely the most popular mobile game in India right now, but for the past couple of days, players in the country have been having troubles accessing their favorite game. Many have reported that they received a health reminder saying that they’d played for six hours within that day and thus had to wait until the following day before they could continue. Some took to social media to discuss this newly-surfaced issue that was hindering their gaming.

Pubg Timelimit Notic
The notification that many received in the game

It looks like this problem has only affected gamers in India. The health reminders also stated a specific time when the user should come back to the game. The problem here is, this pop-up seems to be appearing randomly, because some players claimed that sometimes they got that happened to them after only playing for only 30 minutes.

Right as the issue came to light, PUBG Mobile India made a public statement on their official Twitter page on March 22 apologizing for the inconvenience and saying that they were working to resolve it. The following day, they announced that everything has been fixed.

Pubg Mobile Healthy Gameplay
The statement from PUBG Mobile India 

This health notification doesn’t look like a glitch or a bug, however. There have been rumors going around that PUBG Corp is currently planning to implement a “healthy gaming” mechanic to prevent people from playing the game too much and becoming addicted to it. Looking at the entire affair as a whole, this may have been an upcoming feature that was accidentally rolled out before it was supposed to.

Pubg Mobile Time Limit
Maybe the developer is introducing a "healthy gaming" mechanic?

This is likely an effort from the developers to combat criticism of PUBG Mobile in India. The battle royale is branded as the cause of gaming addiction among youth in the country, with reported cases of negative or violent behaviors associated with this game making headlines almost every day. The authority has imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile in many states, but that has been met with a lot of outrage from gamers. Hopefully, this move will offer an alternative solution, one that is less extreme.