If you follow our recent articles, you will know that the Indian Government has officially banned PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, and 116 other Chinese mobile apps from the country’s market. It’s the repercussion of the rising tension between China and India over the border dispute. As a result, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a ban on 118 apps of Chinese origin from 2nd September. The reason for this action is reported to be a concern about national security and sovereignty. 

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PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile got banned from India

The Government ban has greatly devastated the Indian PUBG Mobile gaming community. They argue that it does not only take away their preferred means of entertainment but also directly impacts those who earn a living on PUBG Mobile. Players desperately look for something to hold on to, something to give them hope. And that’s when numerous videos, websites, and social media posts surge, bringing great news. They claim that PUBG Mobile will break the contract with Tencent Games and partner with Gameloft to republish the game in India. Unfortunately, the whole thing was just a fraud. 

PUBG Mobile’s Partnership with Gameloft is NOT Confirmed

YouTubers and content creators for PUBG Mobile have been citing a Discord post as proof of the so-called “upcoming partnership”. Yet, it is fake. It’s easy to see the pic is not real since there has not been any update like that on the PUBG Mobile India’s official Discord server. 

pubg mobile fake discord
The Discord snap is fake

Others point to a tweet, as shown below, in their videos and posts to make claims about the possible collaboration. Unfortunately, the tweet is fake as well. On the official Twitter of PUBG Mobile, you can clearly see that it hasn’t posted anything over the last 2 months. So, it’s safe to conclude any videos or articles you see citing this news is an absolutely fake one.

pubg mobile fake tweet
This tweet is also fake
pubg mobile fake twitter
You can see that they haven't tweeted since July


We understand that the PUBG Mobile community in India is shaken as of now. Every player is looking for the smallest spark of hope to hold on to. However, you must choose and select the information carefully, and do not be fooled by some YouTubers who work for views. Follow the official media channels of PUBG Mobile India as well as its Discord Server to get an accurate update on the situation. 

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The PUBG Mobile 1.0 will still be released according to schedule