PUBG Mobile is an exciting shooting game in which having powerful weapons is one of the key elements to get Chicken Dinner. M249 and Groza are among the most powerful guns in this game. But which one is better? Let's compare and find out the answer here with

PUBG Mobile Groza Vs M249

These two guns are rare weapons that are only found in the airdrops. Besides, both M249 and Groza are the beasts in close-quarter combat. But these two guns have different features that make them unique.

M249 is a beast weapon in close-quarter combat

Firstly, the light machine gun M249 uses 5.56 ammo while the AR Groza uses 7.62 ammo. The damage per hit of Groza (47) is a bit higher than that of M249 (45). But M249 has a higher bullet speed of 915 m/s while it's 715 m/s in Groza.

Groza In Pubg Mobile
Groza Is The Best AR In PUBG Mobile

In terms of the rate of fire, the assault rifle Groza has a high firing rate of 0.08s. The firing rate of M249 is 0.075, a little bit faster. So, M249 has a greater recoil rate than Groza. Therefore, a lot of PUBG Mobile players prefer to use Groza because of its stability. This AR is easier to control.

Groza Statistic
Groza Statistics

However, many players who can control M249 prefer this the PUBG Mobile beast weapon. It's because the pre-equipped mag of this light machine gun can hold up to 100 bullets per load. So, you can clear a full enemy squad in a load of ammo.

M249 Statistic
M249 Statistics

However, the default mag of Groza can hold only 30 bullets like other ARs in this game. With an extended mag, this gun can hold 40 bullets. Due to the great ammo capacity, the reload duration of the beast M249 is also higher. It takes you 8.20s to reload this gun while Groza only needs 3.00s to reload.