PUBG Mobile Miramar is the largest map with unique terrain and natural landscape. So, you need to have a unique strategy and gun combination to get Chicken Dinner on this map. Here are the best gun combinations to conquer Miramar Map in PUBG Mobile.

Kar98K & M416

M416 í a versatile weapon that í effective in both short and medium-range engagements. Moreover, it is one of the most stable weapons with very low gun recoil. So, you can end one to two enemies with a load of bullets with this powerful assault rifle.

M416 On Miramar
M416 Is Popular In Miramar

Next, you need a powerful sniper rifle to deal with long-range combat. Kar98K is a great choice for PUBG Mobile players. It's pretty popular in Miramar. Then, you can knock out an enemy with a level-2 helmet in a shot.

The Combination Of M416 And Kar98k
The combination of M416 and Kar98K

SLR & M416

If you cannot find a Kar98K or are not good at using SRs, you can grab an SLR with an M416. This DMR also produces huge damage per shot. SLR is known as the upgraded version of SKS with greater damage, effective range, and recoil. So, you should find a cheek pad and a compensator to reduce the recoil rate of this gun.

Pubg Mobile Slr
SLR is a powerful DMR

SCAR-L & M24

Like M146, SCAR-L is a balanced, stable, and powerful assault rifle. It's also easy to find in Miramar. SCAR-L uses 5.56 ammo and has great damage, a high firing rate, and huge armor penetration. You can use this gun to deal with short and medium-range combat.

Scar L On Miramar
SCAR-L is another powerful AR

Then, you also need a decent sniper rifle to engage in long-range combat on such a huge map. M24 is one of the most powerful SRs with giant damage of 79. It's also available in Miramar although it's less popular than Kar98K.

Scar L And M24
Combo SCAR-L and M24

AKM & Mini-14

This is my favorite gun combination on this map. AKM is really a beast in close combat with great damage and a very high firing rate. However, it's pretty hard to control this gun due to its great recoil. So, you will need a compensator to reduce gun recoil.

Mini-14 is very versatile. It has the lowest damage but this gun also has a very small recoil rate among DMRs. With a 6x or 8x scope, Mini-14 will become a deadly weapon that a lot of pro players choose to use in this huge desert.