PUBG Mobile season 14 is coming today. Let’s check out all exclusive and attractive Royal Pass season 14 rewards here.

All PUBG Mobile Season 14 Elite Pass Rewards

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass season 14 starts today, July 14th, 2020. It will end on September 13th, 2020. Like the previous season, there are two types of RP for you to rank up, including Free Pass and Elite Pass. The normal Elite Pass costs you 600UC while the price of Elite Pass Plus is 1800UC now. Obviously, the Elite Pass Plus gives you many exclusive extra rewards, such as Rose Unicorn Helmet, Drop the Bass Pan skin, and Avian Tyrant Frame.

Pubg Mobile Elite Pass
The normal Elite Pass costs you 600UC while the price of Elite Pass Plus is 1800UC now.

Here is the list of exclusive RP rewards season 14 you need to know.

  • Commander Set and Butcher of Stalber S1897 skin: Lv. 1
  • Commander Headgear: Lv. 5
  • Speed Demon Ornament: Lv. 10
  • Provoke emote: Lv. 15
  • Rose Unicorn Helmet: Lv. 20
  • Drop the Bass Pan skin: Lv. 25
  • Iron Rose Set: Lv. 30
Rp Ss14 Opened
Royale Pass Season 14 opens today
  • Unlock the Avian Tyrant crate: Lv. 32
  • Iron Rose Headgear: Lv. 35
  • Blazing Dawn Plane Finish: Lv. 40
  • RP Avatar Season 14: Lv. 45
  • Drop the Bass Grenade skin: Lv. 50
  • RP Avatar Frame SS14: Lv. 55
  • Unlock Black Commander Set: Lv. 60
  • Unlock Black Commander Headgear: Lv. 65
  • Firefighter Backpack skin: Lv. 70
  • Avian Tyrant Avatar, M416 skin, Emote, Headgear, Mask, and outfit set: Lv. 75 – 100.
Iron Rose Set
There are many exclusive rewards

At other levels, you will get some normal rewards, such as silver fragments, UC or AG, BP, crate coupon scraps, etc.

All PUBG Mobile Season 14 Free Pass Rewards

The Free Pass rewards are only available up to level 60. Here are some exclusive Free Pass rewards you should check out.

  • Like Emoji (Cheer Park Only): Lv. 10
  • The PUBG Life Emote: Lv. 20
  • Fatal Cry Parachute skin: Lv. 30
  • Sharktooth M14A6 gun skin: Lv. 50

When you buy the Elite Pass, you can get the RP rewards of both the Free Pass and Elite Pass.