Ever since the release of the teaser of PUBG Mobile India, there has been little to none information and it has driven all the fans and pro players crazy. Furthermore, the Ministry of Electronics and IT of India claimed that there "will be difficult to grant any relaxation”, making many people worry that the game might not be able to come back to India.

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PUBG Mobile India is coming back

There have been rumors that the game would come out on November 20, but it was proven to be wrong, making people more worried. However, PUBG Mobile dev is still doing their job behind the scene to bring the game back to India.

In the latest news, PUBG India Private Limited has been registered with the Indian government as a subsidiary of a Foreign Company on November 21, meaning that the government has accepted the return of PUBG Mobile to India.

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PUBG Mobile recruit people in India

Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohn are the directors of PUBG India Private Limited. This company will be the one in charge of the PUBG Mobile India version to make the game more suitable for the reference of Indian players.

The PUBG Mobile India version will have changes such as the Green hit effect, fully clothed character at the start of the game, and limited playtime for young players. Also, pro PUBG Mobile players will have a salary and a huge Rs 6 crore tournament when the game is back.

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The download button for PUBG Mobile appear brief ly on the official website

Players have spotted the download link for PUBG Mobile India on its official website for a brief before it went away. That means the final steps of the coming back of PUBG Mobile are being done and we should be able to play the game again in probably one or 2 weeks.

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