PUBG Mobile has just updated a new feature called Lightweight Installation, which allows users to customize the size of PUBG Mobile and choose only the necessary download parts. Players will have exactly the same playing experience while can reduce up to 70% of the file of PUBG Mobile. By doing this, players will also experience smoother gameplay with less lag.

Here is how this function works. You will be able to choose which resources to download or REMOVE. For example, if you only play Erangel, you can remove other maps from your devices.

The same goes for new updates. Whenever there are new updates, only the most crucial parts will be downloaded.

The developer also prepared 2 resource packs, the Low-spec resource pack, which is the low-spec version with a smoother experience, and the HD Resource Pack, which is the HD version with better graphics.

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You can download PUBG Mobile with a file size of only 610MB

There will be a new Download tab in the game settings for players to pick the resource packs they want to download and there are even rewards for downloading specific packs. This is also where you can delete unused resources of the game.

About the return of PUBG Mobile in India

PUBG Corp has officially announced the return of PUBG Mobile in India although the exact release date of the game is currently unknown. It seems that Indian players will have a brand new PUBG Mobile version for their own with changes such as green blood, limited playtime, and fully clothed default character.

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