PUBG Mobile is the biggest mobile game in India that has also attracted millions of players in other countries. With such a dynamic ecosystem like that, it’s really tricky to maintain the community’s transparency and good mutual interactions. Rules and regulations have been put into effect by Tencent Games, on which every player is judged. Should they violate the terms, the developer will issue punishments from a warning to a permanent ban. The followings are the ways you can get banned in PUBG Mobile:

Teaming Up With Others From Different Teams

The competitive spirit is really appreciated in PUBG Mobile. With that being said, if you ever work in tandem in a match with other players, you will receive bans. The duration and severity of the punishment depend on the times you violate the rule. It may be a few hours ban at first, but then it may escalate into permanent ones if you repeat the action. 

PUBG Mobile ban team up
Teaming up with other players make the game unfair

Grinding With Cheaters Multiple Times

The next way you can get a ban is by playing with a cheating teammate continuously. This is a common problem since many do so to boost rank. It’s completely against the rule on players’ rights and anyone found guilty should be subjected to punishment. The ban will also scale as the times of violation increases. 

PUBG Mobile ban cheaters
Kick the cheater out of your squad

Spreading Wrong Information Or Fraudulent Websites

These illegal websites can lead to a great loss of money from both the players and the game developers. Therefore, anyone who commits the act of promoting them will be severely punished by Tencent Games.

PUBG Mobile ban scam
Avoid scammers selling UC or gifts

Recharge UC From Unauthorized Payment Channel

Buying UC from unauthorized channels will also result in a ban. UC is the official in-game currency of PUBG Mobile, and can only be offered by Tencent Games. You must use the payment methods issued by the company to purchase UC. Some of the available options are Paytm, UPI, and Google Play Credits. 

PUBG Mobile ban UC
Purchase UC from known sources only

Using Cracked Game Clients

This can be considered as a violation of the intellectual property of Tencent Games. You can only access PUBG Mobile via official clients on Google Play Store/ App Store. Downloading and using any other will lead to a ban.

PUBG Mobile ban
Use the official client only

Tencent Games also made it very clear that even if the rules are violated after your account is hacked or when you are not having the control of the account, the penalties will still be applicable to your PUBG Mobile account.