PUBG Mobile fans in Indian have been really happy lately with the return of their favorite game. However, so far, there has been nothing new about the exact date of the return is still unknown.

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PUBG Mobile is returning to India but the exact date is unknown

Furthermore, the Times of India reported that the government hasn't revealed the new PUBG Mobile India version yet and if they find anything wrong it then it will take PUBG Mobile more time to adjust. This has left many PUBG Mobile fans in India to become unsure.

Kroten claims PUBG Mobile will return on November 20

In one of Kroten's stream recently, the famous streamer revealed that PUBG Mobile will appear on Google Play Store and App Store about 4 four days after the trailer of the game is released on Youtube.

“The teaser was released today, the trailer will come out by tomorrow. In that trailer, PUBG Mobile India’s release date will be clearly mentioned. The game is likely to appear on the Play Store and App Store by November 20. If the trailer releases tomorrow, it would be up for three or four days to create hype. So, the game will likely release on 18th, 19th, or 20th November.”

Kroten is one of the 3 influencers who got featured in the teaser video of PUBG Mobile India.

However, so far, there has been no trailer released for PUBG Mobile so you shouldn't take this claim too seriously. Still, if a trailer for PUBG Mobile India comes out tomorrow then he might be right. I personally hope that he is right because we all have been waiting for too long to see PUBG Mobile again.

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