With PUBG Mobile facing heavy criticism from Indian parents and authorities for causing addiction and violent tendencies amongst youngsters in the country, the game’s developer has previously spoken up to address the issue. In the statement, the company promised that it’d work with a multitude of stakeholders to deliver a balanced and responsible gaming experience.

Indian Playing Pubg
PUBG Mobile is too popular in India to the point where parents are concerned that it is causing addiction

Shortly after PUBG Mobile made that statement, some Indian players reported that they were getting pop-up messages during their gaming sessions saying that they had played for 6 hours on that day and asking them to come back after 25 hours. This message quickly went viral on social media, and many believed that the company was testing a playtime restriction system. However, the developer later said it was a bug and quickly removed it from the game.

Pubg Timelimit Notic
The previous message that went viral and was later removed

This week sees a new development to this story. Users who have logged into PUBG Mobile recently are seeing another pop-up notification that talks about how they can maintain their health while gaming.

“At the end of the day, as much as we all love PUBG MOBILE, it is just a game. When you are engrossed in conquering Pochinki and looting the city, time can fly by. It is important to take note of how long you have been playing the game.  Regular breaks can minimise stress of looking at the screen for longer durations as well as relax your mind in general,” the message reads.

Pubg 0
Don't forget to take a break between your gaming sessions

Additionally, the pop-up also asks players if they’re under 18 years old. This could possibly be the developer collecting data to further work on a reasonable system that ensures players' health. For now, though, players who keep on playing for too long only get a reminder that says: “The game is appreciated in India and world over. While most of us might play the game to take our mind off other things, it is equally important to ensure that we game responsibly.”

We’ll have to wait and see what the developer will do in the future to combat the criticism of its game.