PUBG Corporation released a teaser on 14th November 2020, confirming the return of PUBG Mobile to the Indian market. That the classic coming back to India sparked excitement from the whole gaming community. However, we haven't had any information regarding the exact release date of the title. Various influencers and content creators stated that the publisher put PUBG Mobile Indian version on delay due to some unwanted circumstances.

Pubg Mobile India Version Tecent
PUBG Corporation previously revoked the publishing rights of Tencent Games

Marketing Campaign for PUBG Mobile India May Start Today

The leading tech publication Tech Crunch has issued a report saying that the marketing campaign for PUBG Mobile India may kick off today, November 20th, 2020. The campaign might include promotions and further announcements regarding the release date. However, there has not been any official confirmation on the official social media channels of PUBG Mobile India.

Pubg Mobile India Version 1
PUBG Corporation is bringing back PUBG Mobile to India

According to multiple Industry professionals, though KRAFTON has satisfied the initial concerns of data security and integrity, it might not be enough. Another reason behind the claim such claim is that there has not been an application managed to return to the App Store or the Play Store after being banned.

KRAFTON Launches Special Services for India

Previously, KRAFTON announced in a press release that its subsidiary, PUBG Corporation was launching PUBG Mobile India. It's a special version, created to cater to the needs of the Indian market.

Pubg Mobile India Version Azure
PUBG Mobile will use the services of Azure

In order to enhance communication with players, the company also hopes to set up an Indian subsidiary. It is looking to hire about 100 employees, who specialize in business esports and game development. PUBG Corporation also looks forward to setting up an office space in India to handle the day to day operations and actively collaborate with local businesses.

Pubg Mobile India
The marketing campaign may start today

The South Korean company also stated to make the security of user data its top priority. PUBG Corporation promised to do regular checks and audits to ensure the safety and transparency of the data, via the cloud computing services of Microsoft Azure.