Cheaters have always been a very serious problem in PUBG Mobile as it ruins the experience of so many players. But as PUBG Mobile is free, they can always keep coming back and even with a more advanced cheat software and trick to bypass the system.

Pubg Mobile Cheat
Cheating has always been a very big problem in PUBG Mobile

One of the tricks that cheaters have been using is to take advantage of the Spectator Mode in PUBG Mobile to reveal the location of other players. But luckily, PUBG Mobile has found out about this trick and came up with a solution to fix it.

How the Spectator cheat works

The cheater uses 2 different phones to make this cheat works. We called the client of the character who is playing in the match the Host and the client of the user who is spectating the match and receives the combat data the Spectator.

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Cheaters use the Spectator System to bypass the anti-cheat system and avoid getting banned

The Host will play the match normally while the Spectator will spectate the Host with the X-Ray cheat on to pinpoint the location of other players. In PUBG Mobile, knowing the location of enemies means you already won 70&% of the fights, which is really unfair for other players.

It is really hard to ban the cheater this way because it forms a complicated chain that makes it hard for the system to detect. Even if the system detects the cheat, the main account of the cheater will still be safe from getting banned.

How PUBG Mobile Solved This

In Valorant, the anti-cheat system features this function called Wallhack-resistant fog of war, which causes other players to become non-existent to you until they show up on your screen. This way, all the classic wall-hack will be obsolete as it cannot tap into the server data.

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With this solution, the location of players will be safe from cheat software

It is the same in PUBG Mobile. If the Host doesn't see a player, the data of that player will not be sent to the Spectator. That way, the locations of players will be secured until the Host actually see them on the screen.

In addition, this fix does not affect the experience of users who spectate matches normally.

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