With PUBG Mobile recently announced a partnership with Capcom’s Resident Evil, the popular battle royale game might get a Zombie Mode. What’s more, there could also be a new death cam feature that shows players how they get killed. Additionally, a new gun called the MK 47 Mutant is coming as well. This is an assault rifle that uses 7.64 ammo, and it comes with a new attachment: the laser sight. In term of new vehicles, we could possibly see the snow mobile added to Vikendi, and the Tukshai (also known as a rickshaw or tuk-tuk) to Sanhok. Other new features could include dynamic weather for Erangel and Miramar, a Classic Voice option, and new dance emotes.

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Zombies in PUBG Mobile?

Most of these possible additions were unearthed by Mr. Ghost Gaming and Game Lovers, two popular Youtube channels about PUBG Mobile. Moreover, Game Lovers also speculates that the new patch 0.10.5 will be released sometime between January 18 and 20. However, it is also probable that it will not include all of the aforementioned updates. Some of the features such as dynamic weather the Tukshai might be pushed back to patch 0.11.0 instead.

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The Mk47 Mutant, currently available in PUBG PC, is also coming to the mobile version?

About the collaboration with Resident Evil, specific details are scant at the moment, and any information about a Zombie Mode is currently just pure speculation. However, based on the pictures revealed at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals in Dubai last month when Capcon and Tencent announced their partnership, it is pretty safe to say that at the very least we will have some Resident Evil 2 skins, just like with the Suicide Squad collaboration earlier.

PUBG Mobile/Resident Evil 2 Crossover Trailer

Still, both companies are teasing that something big is coming, so zombies making an appearance in PUBG Mobile's maps is absolutely possible. Moreover, since the remake version of Resident Evil 2 is scheduled to come out on January 25, this collaboration will probably last longer than the previous ones with Mission Impossible and BAPE.