PUBG Mobile Global version developed and published by Tencent has been banned in India and some other countries. Therefore, many players have switched to the Korean version. Check out three main differences between the global version and the Korean version. 

Differences Between PUBG Mobile Korean Version Vs Global Version

In general, the global version and the Korean version are pretty similar in gameplay, rule, and updates. However, there are some differences between these two versions. Here are the most significant differences between these two versions you need to know. 


The updates in the Korean version are often released earlier than in the global version. Players in this version usually get the updated version a few days before other players in the global version. Therefore, you can experience the latest updates before the rest of the world when playing PUBG Mobile in this version. 


Another difference between these two versions is the prize pool. The reward set in the Korean version is better than that of the global version. Moreover, the developers of the Korean version also introduce many events and contests to let players join and get many rewards. In addition, players can also get daily bonus rewards and Donkatsu medals to unlock crates and get free prizes. 

Pubg Mobile Kr Rewards
Pubg Mobile Kr Has More Rewards

Donkatsu Medals

Donkatsu medal is the next noticeable difference between these two versions. Besides, it's also a unique feature that is only be found in the Korean version. This medal can be used as a currency in the PUBG Mobile Kr version. With four medals, you can open a Classic or Premium crate to get rewards. Moreover, players can easily earn these medals in daily missions. Therefore, a lot of players are happy with this new version when switching to it after the ban.

Donkatsu Medals
You can obtain Donkatsu Medals via daily missions and events to open crates and get rewards