PUBG Mobile lets players create their characters to play. At the beginning of the game, you can select the gender of your character and their appearances, such as the face, skin color, hairstyle, and hair color. Let's compare female and male characters to pick up the right character to play and win in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Male Vs Female Character

If you think that the character's gender doesn't matter in this game, this article will change your mind. Female and male characters have many differences. Just compare and pick up your favorite character to play based on your preference and their advantages.

Pubg Mobile Character
PUBG Mobile lets its players choose the gender of the character to use.
  • The female character runs a bit faster than the male character when she holds or doesn't hold the weapons. The speed gap is just about 0.1 to 0.2s. Therefore, the female characters sometimes can move and dodge bullets better than male characters on the battleground. That's why almost veterans choose the female characters to play in this game.
The female character runs a bit faster than the male character
  • Moreover, females in PUBG Mobile can jump longer than males. The distance gap is about one meter. It's because female characters seem to be more agile and lighter than male characters.
  • In addition, both male and female characters in this game do the drop shot movements well.
Female Character Can Dodge Bullets Better
Female Character Can Dodge Bullets Better
  • Moreover, the female character is slimmer and thinner than the male character in this shooting game because women often have smaller bone frame than men. Therefore, you are harder to be spotted when playing a female character. You can reduce a significant area of exposing body parts when you hide, lean and peek, and prone. It's also a great advantage of female characters.
Female Character Jumps Longer Than The Male
The Female Character Jumps Longer Than The Male Character
  • Besides, there are more bundles and skins for female characters than males. Furthermore, female characters fit almost bundles and fashion items while male characters get fewer choices of outfits.
Female Character Is Thinner Than Male Character
The Female Character Is Thinner Than The Male Character

Those are some significant differences between female and male characters in PUBG Mobile. Obviously, the female character is more advantageous than the male character. Therefore, experienced players often choose to use female characters.