PUBG Mobile introduces QBU to replace Mini-14 in Sanhok. Let's compare to see why it replaces the legendary DMR Mini-14 on this map.

PUBG Mobile Mini-14 Vs QBU

QBU and Mini-14 do not appear on the same map in classic mode. However, you can use both of them on TDM mode and the training room to compare their power and features. QBU is one of the two exclusive weapons in Sanhok.

Pubg Mobilw Qbu
QBU is the exclusive DMR in Sanhok.


QBU has a little higher hit damage than Mini-14. The hit damage point of this exclusive DMR is 48 while Mini-14's hit damage point is 46. The base damage, body damage, and headshot damage of QBU is also higher than those of Mini-14.

Bullet Speed

However, Mini-14 has a higher bullet speed. Its bullet speed is up to 990m/s, a bit higher than the bullet speed of QBU which is 945m/s. Therefore, the bullet drop rate of this legendary DMR is lower than that of QBU.

Qbu Hit Damage
QBU has a great rate of fire

But it does not matter to QBU because the range of fight on Sanhok is shorter than on other maps like Erangel and Miramar. It's enough to make QBU a powerful DMR on this small tropical island.

Sanhok Qbu Range
QBU is more suitable for this small map.

Rate Of Fire

Mini-14 and QBU have the same firing rate. The delay duration between the two bullets is 0.1s. Therefore, they can shoot up to 600 bullets per minute without reloading duration. Therefore, they are fair in this feature.

Effective Range

Mini-14 has a longer effective range. That's the reason why it's more suitable for large maps, such as Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi. Its maximum damage remains within the 90m range. Besides, the maximum effective range of Mini-14 is 1000m. The damage drops between 90 and 420m.

Mini 14 Range
Mini-14 has a long effective range to deal with long-range combat in large maps, such as Erangel and Miramar.

The maximum damage of QBU also remains within 90m and drops between 90 to 400m, a bit shorter than Mini-14. However, the maximum effective range of this exclusive DMR is a bit longer. It can reach up to 1050m.

Qbu Sanhok
QBU remains the maximum damage within 90m.

Ammo Capacity

Mini-14 has a larger ammo capacity (20 to 30 bullets per load). Meanwhile, the ammo capacity of QBU is similar to all other DMR (10 to 20 bullets per load). Therefore, the reload duration of Mini-14 is longer (3.6s without a quickdraw mag). The reload duration of QBU is 3s without a quickdraw mag. It's suitable for this small map with more quick combat.

Mini 14
Mini-14 has a larger ammo capacity than that of QBU.