The next update for PUBG Mobile, patch 0.9.0, is scheduled to come out on October 25. It features a wide variety of changes. The Erangel map will have a day-night circle. There is now a Spectator Mode. A new weapon and vehicle are added, and the existing ones have received some changes as well. Additionally, this update improves the matchmaking system and the game’s performance as a whole. There are new in-app purchases, including outfits that you can customize. The mission page for the Royale Pass event is redesigned. Also, with Halloween just around the corner, this update also adds some makeover to suit the theme.

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Tencent Games, the company behind PUBG Mobile, recently posted a patch note on the official Discord channel of the game. In this note, it announces that the Classic Mode in Erangel map will now switch randomly between night and day. With the night mode also come the Night Vision Goggles, which help you see in the dark. There will be more buildings, trees, and covers on the Erangel map as well.

The update also adds a Spectator Mode to PUBG Mobile. Similar to original shooter games, Counter Strike for example, this mode allows dead players to follow and watch others play.

The Spawn Island has been redecorated with pumpkins and candles to fit the Halloween theme. Players will turn to scarecrows if they die to Hellfire-AKM. Explosions from grenades will result in a creepy face appearing. The main menu will have Halloween theme music as well.

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The new Night Mode

According to the patch note, the setting menu will have a new “Movie picture style” option, which will apply to all maps if you choose to active it. However, there is currently no further information on what exactly this setting does. Beside this, the setting menu is updated to allow players greater freedom to customize their game, such as rearranging buttons or adjust the brightness.

Like we reported before, patch 0.9.0 of PUBG Mobile introduces a new gun to the Sanhok map, the QBU DMR. It will replace the Mini14 gun on this map. On top of that, several other weapons have received minor tweaks. A new vehicle, the Rony pickup truck, is added to Sanhok as well.

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Rony pickup truck

The in-app purchases now have outfits that players can customize, such as changing their colors or logos, before buying. Moreover, the developers have updated the Royal Pass mission page to make it more convenient to players to keep track of their weekly missions.

Lastly, Tencent says that they have fixed several bugs and connectivity issues with this update.