While for the rest of the world the current patch of PUBG Mobile is 0.8.0, Chinese players have been enjoying patch 0.9.0 for a couple of months now. This update brings some interesting additions to the game. So if you are a PUBG player who lives outside of China, here are a few things you can expect in the next update:

Day-night circle

One of the most notable change of patch 0.9.0 is the addition of a day-night circle. You can start the game in broad daylight, but as it goes on, the sun will set and it will get darker. In order to survive, you must adapt to this new environment. With creativity, you can even turn this to your advantage, such as ambushing another player from the dark. On the other hand, others can also do the exact same thing to you, so beware!

PUBG Night Mode with Night Vision Goggles

To make things even more interesting, the new update also features a new toy: night goggles. If you have played stealth action games such as Splinter Cell or watched modern spy movies, you are probably familiar with it. Simply put it on, and you can see clearly in the dark, although everything will appear green. Needless to say, in a lightless environment, a player who possesses this handy little device will have the definite upper hand over one who doesn’t.

First person driving mode

Since patch 0.6.0 you can play the game in First Person Mode, but when driving you still have to use Third Person. Now, with patch 0.9.0, you can finally drive in First Person as well. In this mode, you can even see the interior of vehicles in clearer details. There is also a new vehicle in this patch, the Rony car. It’s kind of a small truck, with an empty trunk in the back that others can hop in for a ride. It comes in white, green and blue.

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 - Thêm chế độ ban đêm, súng mới, lựu đạn nhảy múa... - Ảnh 7.

New items: Shields, portable platforms, traps and more

This is one change that will probably give birth to many new strategies in PUBG Mobile. There are now a ton of new items with a wide variety of utility. There are portable platforms that you can carry around and use to quickly ascend to high spots, opening new ways for you to attack someone from an unexpected angle.  You can also create holograms in your likeness to fool other players, or set traps that will active when enemies get close. The shield is pretty straightforward: You deploy it, and it forms a shield wall in front of you that will protect you from gunfire. Another interesting toy is a stone suit that allows you to disguise yourself as a rock to avoid enemy detection.

Image result for pubg mobile shield

There is also a new grenade, the “Dance Grenade”. When this grenade explodes, it emits colorful lights, and characters nearby will start to dance as if they are in a club. This idea clearly comes from Fortnite, and for some, it might be a bit inappropriately light-hearted for a game that leans more toward realism such as PUBG.

New weapon: The QBU DMR Rifle

The QBU DMR Rifle from PUBG PC now makes its appearance in the mobile version as well. This weapon is based on the real life QBU rifle of the Chinese army. This gun is available only on the Sanhok map, and will replace the Mini 14 rifle. Using 5.56 mm rounds, this weapon has a magazine size of 10, which you can enhance to 20 with attachment.

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 - Thêm chế độ ban đêm, súng mới, lựu đạn nhảy múa... - Ảnh 3.

Speaking of attachment, the gun has only 3 slots, and you cannot equip it with a grip to improve recoil stability. However, it comes with bipods by default, which does reduce recoil if you fire from a prone position.  The QBU has lower damage, but higher firing rate and bullet speed than other guns in its class.

Keep in mind, these changes are currently on the Chinese version of the game only, and maybe not all will make it to the global version. You now have an idea, though, of what to expect in the new patch.