It is a shame that PUBG Mobile was banned in India right in the middle of its "update season". A few weeks ago, the 1.0 version hit and bring us Erangel Remastered with a completely overhauled experience... And now, looks like yet another big update is on the horizon - PUBG Mobile's Payload mode is getting a 2.0 version.

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Payload mode is one of the most popular Evo-ground battle royale mode in PUBG Mobile - it is a twist of the usual PUBG Mobile formula, with everyone running around shooting rockets at each other. It was released back in October 2019 - this is not the first time the devs remastered a game mode, with the predecessor of this being the Rampage 2.0 mode. Below are the various updates in the 2.0 version of Payload.

1 - Vehicles are now armed

Vehicles are now fully armed - you can drive alone on a single vehicle and defend yourself with its guns now instead of having to get out of it to shoot. All vehicles with 4 wheels would have access to 2 flamethrowers mounted in front of them - while having a limited range, they deal a lot of damage and can finish an enemy in a few seconds. These flamethrowers can even be fired in water to push the vehicle back as well.

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Overall, the flamethrowers are for vehicles vs vehicles combat only. Due to their low range, it is pretty useless vs a normal enemy - you can just hit them with the car if you are in range. A second heavy weapon is added to the passenger seat -  this would either be machine guns or grenade throwers.

All vehicles now come with extra armor and HP to balance out with all the damage from the extra weapons.

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2 - New items

Portable Radar: These things can be used at any location - they would scan the area and show the user all the vehicles in the vicinity.

UAV controller: A Drone equipped with a missile launcher that flies around the map. Players can then activate their missiles to shoot at enemies.

Bomb Suit: A full body armor that reduces explosive damage greatly when used.


3 - New heavy weapons

AT4 Guided Missile: A missile that homed onto the laser used by the players - after launching it, players can aim the laser at whatever target they want to hit.

M202 four-barreled rocket launcher: A rocket launcher with 4 barrels - because of that, it can fire 4 times in a row without having to reload. You can't fire all 4 at the same time, however.

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4 - Other features

Armed helicopter: In Payload 2.0, passengers can use the new machine guns equipped on the vehicle.

Advanced communications tower: Recall dead teammates back into the game with this tower.

Superweapon crates: The new items and heavy weapons can be found on these crates on the map.

5 - What's the release date for Payload 2.0?

This update is likely to be in October, as part of the Chinese's Mid-autumn Festivals. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post to find out how to migrate to PUBG PC from the mobile version.