Regarded as one of the most anticipated events for PUBG Mobile lovers in late 2020, PMCO Fall Split 2020 already hit the streets in both India and Pakistan. Every team will have to go through several battles against others to earn a ticket to the Semi-Finals to take all the glory. Unfortunately, this PMCO season somehow is rumored to have rooms for ‘hacking’ – but, how it could happen in such a professional tournament?

Pmco Fall Split 1
How could it happen in such a professional tournament of PUBG Mobile?

In a recent Instagram story, TSM Entity’s Ghatak urged PMCO officials to take action as soon as possible alongside calling for support from his followers to raise people’s awareness of social media. It’s likely that this problem will soon go viral before reaching out to PMCO officials as expected.

Pmco Fall Split Story
In a recent Instagram story, TSM Entity’s Ghatak urged PMCO officials to take action as soon as possible.

Some reports claimed that a team rebranded themselves as ‘Hater Esports’ to continue playing the Group Stage. In the meantime, one named Fintox Esports was caught making use of hacking tools when Kull, founder of Villager Esports, posted a video on his Instagram to show people the evidence.

To your surprise, PMCO Fall Split Group Stage Day 2 in Pakistan has also been kept on hold due to suspicious behaviors from several players. For instance, the YouTuber community already went public with proofs against the team ‘I Don’t Lose’. As reported, officials had to hold an all-captain meeting to shed a light on hacking allegations then decided to pull up the remaining matches of PMCO Pakistan.

Caster Ocean Sharma once mentioned this problem in a K18’s vlog as well. While all teams already ran into four groups (eight teams came from PMCO Spring 2020 while 24 others already passed the Qualifiers), some of them started to fight against hackers and boycott PMCO Pakistan to purify the esports environment.