Aesthetic items change your character's outfits and the appearance of weapons in PUBG Mobile. Since day one, they have become the centerpiece of players' attention. Everyone wants the best costume sets and weapon skins they can find. And using PUBG Mobile redeem code is the best way to get some without breaking a sweat.

Pubg Mobile
Get free items from PUBG Mobile redeem codes.

The game authorities have just released a few new codes, containing interesting items to the community. Here's a list of PUBG Mobile redeem codes that are available today, June 14th.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code For Today (June 14th)

Racer Set (Gold) - 1 day

Redeem code: LEVKIN1QPCZ

Racer Set
Racer Set (Gold)

Bumble Bee Set - 1 day

Redeem code: VETREL2IMHX

Bumble Bee Set
Bumble Bee Set

Stealth Brigade Set - 1 day

Redeem code: ZADROT5QLHP

Stealth Brigade Set
Stealth Brigade Set

Desert Ranger Set - 1 day

Redeem code: BOBR3IBMT

Desert Ranger
Desert Ranger Set

Assassin Suit - 1 day

Redeem code: SIWEST4YLXR

Assassin Suit
Assassin Suit

Notice: PUBG Mobile redeem codes have use limits and expiration dates. After a certain duration of time or a certain number of claims, they become invalid. Hence, we advise PUBG Mobile players to use the codes above as soon as possible.

How to Use PUBG Mobile Redeem Code?

Follow the steps below to claim your rewards using available PUBG Mobile redeem codes:

Redemption Center
There is only ONE Redemption Center.
  • #1: Visit the Redemption Center of PUBG Mobile. You can access the official website here.
  • #2: Enter your PUBG Mobile UID. Type in the redeem code, and verification code. Press "Redeem".
  • #3: A dialog box will pop up on the screen. Make sure you have all the details, such as your ID and in-game name correctly.
  • #4: Press OK to confirm the redemption process. You can find the rewards in the mailbox. Players can equip the aesthetic items from the Inventory.

Notice: If an error stating “Redemption Limit Reached.” appears, the redeem code has reached its use limit. Players cannot redeem it any more. 

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