The new Tactical Drill Event is the perfect chance for PUBG Mobile players to get permanent legendary outfits and gun skins for absolutely free! It kicked off yesterday June 9th, 2021, and will be ongoing for a whole month. Rare legendary costumes such as the Night Warrior Set, Night Warrior Headgear, and Bright Yellow AKM gun skin are all available in this event.

PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill Event Overview

PUBG Mobile players have up to 30 days to complete the daily and weekly missions and claim their rewards. Completing the missions daily will give you more Tactical Points, which decide whether you can get the legendary items or not. Additionally, by signing in every day, players also save 3 Tactical Points each! If you miss a day, you will be deducted 3 points.

Tactical Drill Event Pubg Mobile
The new Tactical Drill Event is now available in PUBG Mobile!

Moreover, players can only choose one legendary item in the Tactical Drill Event. Plus, if you change your mind about the item, you will lose all progress and have to start the event from scratch! So, be wise with your choice.

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Tactical Drill Event Rules

At the beginning of the event, players can choose to activate one of the following items: Night Warrior Set, Night Warrior Headgear, and Bright Yellow AKM. Once activated, the item will be available to use during the time of the event. However, reaching 0 Tactical Points will revoke the PUBG Mobile skin.

Pubg Mobile Tactical Drill Free Items
Night Warrior Set, Night Warrior Headgear, and Bright Yellow AKM are available for free.

Each item starts with 9 Tactical Points. Players have to complete daily and weekly missions in order to earn Tactical Points, and eventually redeem the item they activated. The Bright Yellow AKM requires a total of 75 Tactical Points, while the other costumes cost 90 Tactical Points.

There are 4 daily missions that refresh at 00:00 UTC every day. The weekly missions will also reset every week. After the Tactical Points requirements are met, players can unlock the item permanently.

Pubg Mobile Tactical Drill Missions
Complete missions to claim Tactical Points.

If players wish to change their item selection, they have to wait for 72 hours after the initial selection.

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