The Indian gaming community was descimate following the ban of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, and 116 other Chinese apps. The country's most popular Battle Royale game was on its way to building an empire with various national and global tournaments. Unfortunately, as a result of the escalating border dispute, the Goverment of India decided to remove the title from both Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

pubg mobile ban
The Indian gaming community is shaken after the ban

The loss of such a prominent contender leaves the Indian gaming community at shock. Many are starting to change their lives with PUBG Mobile, becoming either pro players or content creators. Yet, the ban took it all away. Amidst the mixed reaction of players, both professional and amateur across the country, rumors about the game's future spread their wings throughout the Internet.

PUBG Mobile is Being Relaunched Soon?

As much as we want it to happen, there's no confirmation that PUBG Mobile will relaunch anytime soon in India. These days you can not sroll the social media channels without seeing news chanting updates about the potential unban of PUBG Mobile. One even states that the title we all know and love is coming back to the Indian server on October 24, 2020.

pubg relaunch
You may have seen this rumor on the Internet

The rumor simply cites PUBG Corp.'s decision to revoke Tencent Games' right to publish the game. Yes, that is true, but the relaunch date on October 24, 2020 is not. You can not find such information on the post on the company's website. Its social channels also have no confirmation regarding this matter.

pubg corp announce
The official announcement from PUBG Corp.

Unfortunately, we must inform you that there's a very slim chance for a relaunch to happen soon. We haven't got a word from the PUBG Corp. about this "possible relaunch" of the game. As you may already know, PUBG Corporation has revoked Tencent Games' right to publish PUBG Mobile in India. The original company will now take over the operation.

Pubg Corporation Revoked Tencents Publishing Right
PUBG Corporation has revoked Tencent's publishing right

We understand that players are eager to see the possible return of the game to the Indian market. Yet, we still want to suggest you not to fully believe everything you see floating on the Internet, no matter how many views the post or the video has. Instead, follow the official social media channels of PUBG Corp. It has taken over the Indian region, any confirmed news should be published by it.

pubg mobile phone
All we can do now is to wait

All we can do now is to keep on waiting for the official unban notice from either PUBG Corporation or the Indian Goverment. Until then, stay wise and cautious, do not let those gritty YouTubers take advantage of you to gain views. Perhaps choose another Battle Royale Title from the store to while away your time.